China and Sino Directors

The most important success factor in China and in business with China is the right management team. We know a considerable number of the potential candidates personally. If we do not know a suitable person rightaway, we set about finding them with a thorough and meticulous search process.
For good reasons, and rightly so, the topic “China” is a CEO matter in many companies. The market in China and its potential is important and promising but more demanding than in many other countries as individual solutions are often required as opposed to the standard approach. This is where Personalglobal comes in – the quality of the executive search is what we are good at because we put everything into our recruitment process and this is valued by our candidates and by the companies we work for.
Although the income of our bicultural candidates is mostly not on top management level, we still apply that same standard in our search projects because this is called for by the high demands of our customers and candidates.
The main part of our work deals with leadership positions and other accentuated tasks in technical fields. There are excellent bicultural candidates available for leading positions, say in production, in technical sales, in project management or in purchasing. A detailed knowledge of both cultures has also proved to be a special advantage in commercial and financial roles, whereby culture simply means much more than just knowledge of the language.
The question of variety is also about gender diversity in management. Interestingly enough the number of female executives with a technical background is much higher amongst our bicultural candidates of Chinese descent than in projects with no Chinese connection because technical subjects are much more popular with female Chinese academics.