Competence - what we are good at

We bring you together with highly competent bicultural executives and specialists in the market and we help you to convince them of your company. We have the experience, the passion and the networks to put this promise into practice.

The core part of our search process is the executive and specialist pool. We have got to know far more than 500 first class bicultural managers on a personal level and have ascertained and analysed their strengths, potential and aims. This base is not only an ideal starting point for each search constellation but also enables us to have an unrivalled view of the market.

The candidates value the integrity and sincerity of our interest in their person. Our customers like the care we take to understand their needs and their processes. This combination ensures that in the end an interesting position and an excellent candidate really fit well together- which is yet again the most important factor for a successful working relationship later on. Many years of experience in top and international management, well- trained employees of mixed nationalities and an enthusiasm for good candidates is the foundation of our success.

We initially developed our concept with a strong focus on China and in the later years have transferred it to other positions with an international profile. The basic principle remains the same: our candidates combine excellent expert skill with cultural competence. We are attractive for good candidates and for good companies because we concentrate on good solutions rather than on closing the deal. We feel this is a crucial point in the recruitment business.